ESC/POS Receipt Printer Driver


This app allows you to directly print to your ESC/POS-compatible thermal printer from your Android device.

This app provides a print service, which means that once it’s installed, you have to enable it from your ‘Print’ section of the settings app of your device.

It is optimised and primarily aimed at printing receipts, but is generic enough to allow printing a wide range of text documents. It makes certain assumptions about the documents being printed to make it possible to print good-looking till receipts even when the printing app has not been specifically optimised for a narrow paper roll format:
  • since dot-matrix printers usually only support very few text sizes, this app attempts to find out what text sizes are being used in the document, and prints the biggest text double-height and the smallest text ⅓ wide, while printing everything else in the normal size
  • when printing text in two columns, the left one is aligned to the left, the right is always aligned to the right
  • when printing in more then two columns, all columns but the last are left-aligned, the last one is right-aligned
  • images, when printed, are scaled if they take up less than a half of the printable width to ensure that barcodes are readable
  • barcodes are only printed if they’ve been rendered as images; vector images won’t work

Supported printers

Printer type Model Picture
ZiJiang series ZJ-5802
Goojprt series MTP-II
Xprinter series XP-T58-K
Sunmi POS Sunmi V2

More printers of the these makers may actually work, though they haven’t been extensively tested.

Unfortunately, printers made by Milestone (e.g. Mprinter) are not currently supported.

SumUp integration

SumUp is a popular mobile payment terminal that works with your phone or tablet (referral link; see [1]). Since SumUp terminals don’t have an inbuilt printer, they use an external one through your phone, and the list of printers directly supported is rather limited. Fear not, though: printing with anything supported but your Android system is still there, it’s just hidden.

First of all, you can safely switch off receipt printing, since it is not needed, won’t work, and will only confuse the users:

Next, configure the receipt printer driver.

After you have completed the payment, press a tiny Share button in the top left corner of the screen:

In the list of sharing option that appears, select Print and proceed as usual:

[1]Referral link: gives you a €12 discount, and gives me €10 bonus.